By Victoria Guthrie

Warm Up Exercises Prior To Rehearsal

Today’s rehearsal for Blood Sky began with a group of actors warming up which lasted about 30 minutes. These exercises are energy based and meant to release tension from the body and get energy free flowing throughout your being. Grounding is particularly important for an actor. Meaning that energy is purposely directed to the legs. This is important when being on stage. An actor looks and sounds clearer and more powerful when he/she is balanced and connected. If your character is drunk or flighty, it will be your choice as the performer to change the center of gravity for the character. The key is that YOU are in control!
Many actors do vocal warm ups , stretching, grounding exercises on their own prior to a show. It is a particularly enhanced experience at T.Schreiber because the ability to do the warm ups as a group creates a real ensemble feel, not only grounding yourself but connecting the cast as a whole.

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