October 20 – The Pillowman – Keith R. Higgons
“…Lance Olds, Victoria Guthrie and Aliya Victoriya…all deliver sound performances in a variety of roles.”

April 30 – Alpha Girls – The Vern’s Video Vortex
“The actors that really stood out in this were…Victoria Guthrie who plays Miss Grace the schools principle.”

April 27 – The 3rd Gender – NY Times Reader Review by Gary C.
“Guthrie has a powerful, statuesque stage presence and executed the circumlocutious twists and turns of her character with polished aplomb.”


October 15 – The Women of The Mahabharata – Show Business Weekly by Amber Silverman
“The one exception is Victoria Guthrie, who is able to clearly shift from Queen Kunti to one of her sons by altering her stance and voice.”