Voices from Rehearsal at Blood Skye

By Victoria Guthrie
Table work is usually the first step of a rehearsal process. The rehearsal process for “Blood Sky” began with two days of table work. Day 1 we met everyone, read the script and brainstormed for ideas on getting special groups, press and industry to attend the show. Day 2 was a long but fulfilling process of breaking down all of the beats and punctuation/thought processes of the play. Try putting slashes after the punctuation in a script. It’s amazing how the nuances of the meaning of the words becomes more clear. Things like a slight pause before saying someone’s name.. ie You tell me, Joley. Try reading it once with no pause and once with a pause where the comma is. Simple but efficient. Thanks for reinforcing that Terry!
Click this link to get your tickets to Blood Sky – http://bit.ly/1ewfDVe

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