Victoria’s Interview for Blood Skye

Janet Bentley, Producing Director at T. Schreiber Theatre, interviews Victoria Guthrie who plays Lily in the upcoming T. Schreiber production of Blood Sky.

Victoria Guthrie Janet Bentley

1. Janet – Tell me about the character you’re playing in Blood Sky by Yasmine Beverly Rana.

Victoria – I am playing Lilly, Jolie’s mom.

Lilly got pregnant unexpectedly when she was too young and the father took off leaving her to raise the child on her own. These events largely shaped her personality and out look on life of being “stuck”. She dreams of being free but is too afraid to make it happen. Her looks have been a saving grace and enabled her to make ends meet with “kindness” to men here and there. She is a hard worker and tries her best to support herself and her daughter. She loves Jolie’s dad and longs for his return.

She has many mixed feelings about her daughter because in some ways Joile’s existence is the cause of her being stuck. At the same time, Lilly realizes that you shouldn’t blame anyone but yourself.

2. Janet – Lily hasn’t found her place yet. Do you think she ever will? Do you think there’s hope for her?

Victoria – I believe Lilly longs for the day that Jolie will be old enough to move out and live her own life. Perhaps, Bo will return then and she can be with the love of her life or find love in another man without having to place the burden of her daughter upon him or compete with her. Yes, there must be hope for her. Otherwise, there would be no point in continuing.

3. Janet – Do you think that experiencing this play could bring about change, both for participants and audience?

Victoria – This is a play that could bring about change for the participants and audience. One never knows who has or is experiencing similar situations in there life. The play let’s them know they aren’t alone and hopefully they will feel safer in talking to someone about their experience, allowing them to heal, change and, most importantly , not blame themselves.

4. Janet – If you could say anything to your 14 year old self, what would it be?

Victoria – I know you are all curious about boys and sex and that’s normal. You’re not bad for having those feelings. Please feel free to talk to me about anything you like. I won’t judge you or tell you to do or not do something. Just be cautious and realize the possible ramifications of your decisions. I’d like to help you understand so you can make the best choice for you.

5. Janet – Alternate (or addition): What is your dream role?

Victoria – My dream role- a leading role in a Woody Allen film. His female roles are amazing!

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