By Victoria Guthrie

I was away for 10 days and had a terrific rehearsal full of depth and exploration today despite my previous absence from the cast. One of the reasons is I know the lines! When an actor is off book, there is complete freedom to take direction and react to others. The text is floating on a river and the body of water is your emotions, feelings and memories. The same words can be said in a whisper or a yell, laughing or crying but it is only when we don’t have to think about the words that they come naturally and logically. It puts you so far ahead of the game! Once, I’m cast in a role, I like to solidify the lines ASAP and if possible meet with my scene partner(s) and drill the lines. And if you want to be really productive, practice them on a bike at the gym. LOL! It also keeps you from falling asleep on your couch while you’re memorizing.

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