VICTORIA GUTHRIE
                                                    SAG CORE/AFTRA/EQUITY
                                                    5 8"

The Haunting Of                                Patty Stanger                              Investigation Discovery
Counter Terror Intell                         Agent Tisha Hartsough             Investigation Discovery
REDRUM                                            Mrs. Wamsley                             Investigation Discovery
The Onion News Network               Beverly Hills Neighbor               IFC
Michael and Michael Have Issues The Cougar                                 Comedy Central

Anatomy of the Lonely                      Lead- June                                David Wilkenfeld
The Festival                                        Lead-Monica                             Richard Terrasi
Lost Penny                                         Supp- Mother                             Cube City Entertainment
Wallabout                                           Supp- Rita                                  Eric McGinty
Alpha Girls                                         Supp-Ms. Grace                        Johnny Zito
April Grace                                         Supp- Diana Brightman           Andrew Hutcheson

Shanghai Gesture- OFF BWAY       Donna Querobro D’Achuna                   The Mirror Rep/Bob Kalfin
Absolute Clarity- OFF BWAY            Patricia Klein                                            Cinema Anastasia/Yuri Joffe
Persephone Play                               Demeter                                                    PSST/Michelle Bossy
Turbines (reading)                            Karen                                                          PSST/ Michelle Bossy
*The 3rd Gender                                Avanis                                                        Peter Zachari Prods
The Pillowman                                   Mother                                                        T.Schreiber/ Peter Jensen
*The Women of the Mahabharata  Queen Kunti/Sakuni/Krishna                 Eye Blink / Jonathan Warman
Blood Sky                                             Lilly                                                             T .Schreiber/Terry Schreiber

North Shore Hospital
New York Time
Atlantic City Tourism
Oil Of Olay,
JP Morgan Chase
Seeds of Beauty
Behind Mansion Walls

*NY Times Reader Review by Gary C.
“Guthrie has a powerful, statuesque stage presence and executed the circumlocutious twists and turns of her character with polished aplomb.”
*Show Business Weekly Review by Amber Silverman
“The one exception is Victoria Guthrie, who is able to clearly shift from Queen Kunti to one of her sons by altering her stance and voice.”

Scene Study:                               Terry Schreiber, Terry Schreiber Studio, Casey Childs, Primary Stages
On Camera:                                Jonathan Strauss, Daryl Eisenberg, Jody Collins, Judy Henderson, Brette Goldstein, Jessica Daniels, Pat McCorkle
Meisner Technique – 2 yrs:      Joe Anania – Phil Gushee Studio
Improvisation:                             2yrs WIGS Anne Bowen, Michael Horne
Singing – 4 yrs                           Marni Nixon
Vocal Range/Belt Mix                 D3 – C#5
Commercials Upon Request

Ear for most dialects w/ 24 hr notice, Teleprompter, Competitive Ballroom & Latin – open gold/12 yrs/specializing in international standard, Equestrian/ Dressage/4 yrs/level 3-4 I own a Russian Warmblood, Running – ran NY marathon, Yoga – int., all styles, Weights – trained for body building, Downhill Skiing – blk./dbl. blue, Scuba – certified, Whitewater rafting – class 4